21 -July -2018

500 Solutions for Working at Home

Описание Создатель: Ana G. Canizares
Языки: Британский Издательство: Universe Publishing ISBN 0789310082 2004 г.
The technological advances of the last two decades-from virtual communication to ubiquitous laptop computers-have given way to an unprecedented freedom from the traditional office. Whether you have an office but need to work at home on weekends, are a working parent wanting more time with your children, or have a country-house you'd like to spend more time in, are the owner of a small business seeking to contain your overhead, or one of a growing number of freelance professionals-there are countless reasons why you might want to transform a part of your home into a convenient work space. 500 Solutions for Working at Home provides just that: a wealth of practical ideas on how to create space, silence, order, and efficiency within the existing structure ofyour home. Whether you have an entire room or a mere closet to dedicate to your workspace, this book illustrates a wide range of solutions by some of the best contemporary architects and interior designers from around the world.