21 -July -2018

A Manager's Guide to Database Technology: Building and Purchasing Better Applications

Описание Создатель: Michael R. Blaha
Языки: Британский Издательство: Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-030418-2 2001 г.
This easy-to-follow introduction is designed to help professionals better understand how to use database system technology. The author provides a highly accessible introduction to the paradigms, principles, and applications of databases. This book explains strategic issues in a non-technical manner that is accessible to business decision-makers of all levels of experience and will help them avoid damaging mistakes. Features/Benefits: Focus is on strategies instead of on fine details. Provides readers with an accessible presentation of technology so they can easily grasp key ideas. Integrates real-life anecdotes. Presents material grounded in reality so professionals can readily use the information. Coverage of both newly developed applications and purchased software. Prepares readers for selecting and using these different types of applications. Discusses both operational applications (transaction-oriented) and analytical applications (data warehouses). Provides readers with a useful comparison of both technologies. Specific recommendations denoted by icons. Offers professionals clear advice for how to improve their use of database systems. Abundant tables, figures, and bullet lists. Provides visual reinforcement of material. Формат: 18 см x 23 см.