21 -July -2018

Active Experiences for Active Children: Science

Описание Создатель: Carol Seefeldt, Alice Galper
Языки: Британский Издательство: Prentice Hall ISBN 0131752561 2006 г.
The second edition of "Active Experiences for Active Children: Science" is unique in the market by providing a theoretical foundation for teaching science to preschoolers and primary-grade children in Part I and meaningful, standards-based, constructivist, hands-on learning "experiences" (as opposed to merely "activities") to guide teachers in Part II. This book provides active science experiences that are connected to recognized benchmarks for learning and content standards. It also includes examples of documentations and consists of clear, concise, usable guides for teachers to plan meaningful learning experiences in science. Science teachers in early childhood settings, such as preschool programs and Kindergarten, Head Start programs, and other early childcare settings.